Pwani University students can access financial aid from their respective Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The University also has an Internal Bursary Scheme which is being managed by an internal bursary committee. A student has to apply for funding so long as he/she meets the requirements
There are institutions which have accepted to offer partial scholarships to Pwani University students. These institutions are:

Rattansi Bursary Fund and
USAID-Kenya (Orphans and Vulnerable Children Scholarship Project).
A student can apply for scholarship to these two organizations.
Students in Pwani University are advised to seek Higher Education Loans’ Board funding to help them pay for their education. This is a personal initiative on the side of the student and Pwani University College has no influence on who gets HELB funding.
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Admission Office
For more information about financial aid please contact:
Admissions Office, Tel. +254-41-7525107